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Evaporative Air Conditioning Adelaide

Evaporative cooling systems deliver fresh, clean, and naturally cooler air throughout your home.

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

Lowering the air temperature by turning water into cool vapour, evaporative cooling works by drawing warm, outside air through wet filter pads in a unit that sits on your roof. Warm air evaporates the water and creates cool, humidified air which is circulated through ducts and vents in your ceiling. Simple to maintain and operate, evaporative cooling offers superior cooling performance and energy efficiency. As the cheapest form of ducted cooling, when you are using your evaporative cooling system you can leave your doors and windows open, making it perfect for warm Adelaide summers.

For those who may suffer from allergies or asthma, evaporative cooling is a great option as it circulates clean air throughout your home. Using no harmful gases, evaporative cooling is based on a natural cooling process and is cheaper to install and run than refrigerated cooling.

Our team of experienced and qualified technicians can supply and install your new evaporative cooling system.

Choosing The Right Evaporative Cooling System

At Everything Air Conditioning, we can help you find the ideal evaporative cooling system for your property. We work with the leading manufacturers to deliver the best systems on the market at affordable prices. During our initial consultation with you, our expert technicians can guide you through the best options to suit your home and budget.

To speak with a qualified professional from Everything Air Conditioning, contact us for a chat. We also provide free, no obligation quotes. Get in touch today!

Evaporative Cooling Adelaide

Evaporative cooling in Adelaide allows you to deliver fresh, clean, and naturally cooler air into any part of your home. The system pulls warm air from outside through wet filter pads inside the roof-installed unit. This air then travels through the ducts in your home, delivering cool, humidified air to any room. These systems are easy to maintain and operate and are highly energy efficient.

Additional Reasons to Consider Evaporative Air Conditioning in Adelaide

If you’re currently considering evaporative cooling but want to know specific details, here are some important points we think clients should know:

  • Reduced allergies. For those suffering from allergies or asthma, evaporative cooling accommodates your sensitivities since it works with clean, filtered, humidified air. Everyone should be able to enjoy a cooler home on scorching summer days.
  • No harmful gasses in your home. Evaporative cooling doesn’t rely on any harmful gasses to operate. In fact, this cooling process is natural.
  • Cheaper to install than refrigerated cooling. Compared to other forms of air conditioning, evaporative cooling is one of the cheaper options around, making it ideal for any budget.
  • Customisable. Since the system relies on ducts, you can customise it to reach specific spots in your home – or even ignore some rooms if you prefer.
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We provide installations for evaporative cooling in Adelaide with experienced and qualified technicians. Our professionals can assist you with everything from quotes to design ideas and installations. We only work with well-known, leading manufacturers to provide reliable equipment and parts.

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