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Gas Heating

Enjoy total home comfort with powerful yet energy-efficient gas ducted heating.

What Is Gas Heating?

Gas ducted heating is a heating system that is situated either in the roof or under the floor, depending on available space. Gas is used to produce heat which is then distributed through ducts in the home. A popular heating system in Adelaide, gas ducted heating works by passing cold air over a heat exchanger. Gas combustion warms the air and distributes it via a series of ducts. Grilles are best placed throughout the home to ensure even heat distribution. Unlike reverse cycle heating systems, the efficiency of heat output is not dependent on the outside temperature with gas heating.

Zoning can also be introduced to reduce the running costs of your ducted gas heating system, allowing you to choose which room/s of the house you wish to heat.

Our team of experienced and qualified technicians can supply and install your new ducted gas heating system.

Choosing The Right Gas Heating System

At Everything Air Conditioning, we can help you choose the ideal gas heating system for your property. We work with the leading manufacturers to deliver the best heating solutions on the market at affordable prices. During our initial consultation with you, our expert technicians can guide you through the best options to suit your home and budget.

To speak with a qualified professional from Everything Air Conditioning, contact us for a chat. We also provide free, no obligation quotes. Get in touch today!

Gas Ducted Heating Adelaide

Gas ducted heating in Adelaide is an effective way to keep your home cosy and warm whenever necessary. These systems – built into the roof or under the floor – are popular heating choices for many homeowners. It passes cold air over a heat exchanger before distributing it into various rooms of your home. It’s worth noting that, unlike reverse cycle heating, gas heating’s efficiency does not depend on the outside temperature.

Why Consider Ducted Heating for Your Home

There are many reasons to consider using ducted heating and cooling in Adelaide from our team. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Gas heating is effective regardless of the outside temperature, making it suitable for any home, anywhere. Compared with reverse cycle heating, gas heating is the superior option.
  • Zoning allows you to choose which of your rooms to heat instead of wasting gas to warm unoccupied parts of the home. This heating method saves you a substantial amount of money over time.
  • Duct heating has extensive customisation properties so you can work it into every corner of your home. You can even choose between running the system through your roof or floor for further accommodation of unique requirements.
Wall Split System Air Conditioning Unit In Adelaide Home

If you’re considering gas ducted heating in Adelaide, Everything Air Conditioning has the team for the job. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with every step of the process, from information to a quote to the design and installation. We also only work with leading manufacturers to ensure your home doesn’t have shoddy parts or equipment.

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